All of our doctors perform surgery and we schedule surgery Monday through Friday. From elective surgeries such as a spay, neuter, and declaw to minor orthopedic surgeries, we perform a variety of surgeries at Southpointe Veterinary Hospital.

We are proud to offer LASER SURGERY for most surgeries. This is the latest in surgical technology that seals blood vessels, nerve endings and lymphatics as it cuts through tissue. This decreases pain, bleeding and swelling for the patient.

All of our patients are monitored by one of our licensed technicians and equipment that monitors pulse rate, respirations, oxygen level in the blood, and body temperature.

The surgical team monitors the anesthetic level and comfort of the patient from the induction of anesthetic to the recovery of the patient postsurgically.

If your pet requires surgery that is beyond the scope of our veterinary staff, we do not hesitate to refer you to a veterinary surgical specialist.