The philosophy of Southpointe Veterinary Hospital is to provide the best possible care to our clients and patients. With that as our primary goal, clients will want to return to our practice. Our patients and their owners will receive the very best in quality and service. See also Practice Vision.


Four steps of service:

1. Greet all clients and make them feel welcome by using their name and their pet’s name.

2. Anticipate client’s needs. Look for ways to make the visit to the practice great.

3. Let clients know we appreciate their visit and look forward to seeing them again.

4. Provide prompt and thorough follow-up with owners on test results, medical problems, recommendations and questions.

Our Promise

To be a compassionate and caring staff and to provide comfort, genuine care and high-quality medicine to our patients and their owners. Our team members celebrate a love of pets and people and show it in everything we do.

We are committed to nurturing each team member’s talents to support personal growth and practice success. The practice team fosters a work environment that acknowledges the value of diversity, enhances quality of life, helps individuals fulfill their aspirations, and enriches the practice experience. All employees are required to attend continuing education programs on an annual basis and are expected to share their experiences with their team members.

We will make every effort to educate our clients regarding all aspects of the care of their pets and in doing so, enable them to make informed decisions about the healthcare of their pets. We will also communicate to clients our commitment to helping pets live healthier, longer lives.

We will provide care for the homeless dogs and cats in our community in a manner which will not affect the level of care given to our patients.

We will provide a home-away-from-home for those animals that board with us and we will give them loving care as if they were our own.

Practice Basics

Our team members will participate in making the practice the best that it can be by making suggestions and getting involved in projects.

We expect every team member to help create a team environment that meets the needs of our patients and clients and makes our practice a satisfying place to work.

Cleanliness and safety is the responsibility of each team member. Take responsibility for working safely and knowing all the safety rules.

Everyone is responsible for presenting a professional image of the practice. Take pride in your appearance.

Each team member is expected to use good telephone etiquette…ask to put a client on hold, answer the phone within three rings, and use the client’s name whenever possible.

Be an ambassador for the practice and share a positive message about our work. If you have any concerns, share them with your manager.

We’re here to help pets and their owners; they are never a bother or an imposition.

Take personal responsibility for each client’s satisfaction. If a client complains to you, follow through and resolve the problem. We want to send clients away knowing their concerns were addressed.